Thursday, May 29, 2008

not ticket to lake michigan please

before i say anything else... i do love my parents...but, there a law against sending subliminal messages to your kids while they sleep? not that I wouldn't do anything for the folks that they ask, but is it really necessary to use mind control techniques? apparently sometime early...way too early, this morning, my father stood in my doorway while i was finally sleeping, and flashed my light on and off a number of times while telling me he was going to mow the yard and i needed to get up and sweep and mop the house. now, i didn't hear any of this, but he has since told me that i agreed with an "ok". of course, when i did bound out of bed thinking my mom had fallen and needed help (due to her pounding on something )(rude awakening btw)i found her cheerfully doing the ironing. yes, i said cheerfully. i grumbled, showered, ate breakfast, prolly scratched a couple times, and went about pulling out this enormous system of a vacuum machine before i even realized what i was doing. when i paused and looked stumped, my mother questioned my expression, then giggled... yes, she giggled, and explained what had transpired this early morning. now, i went on to clean the house from top to bottom, including windows, just to be reminded of other chores that needed tinkering with along the way.
i'm finally done and on the computer when mom comes in to ask if i would stick out my tongue. hm. ok. so i oblige, and she promptly sticks out an envelope to me for me to seal it. i do so and she follows with a comment about "we are old, we don't want to die of rat poison" , am i missing something here? is rat poison now a new ingredient in glue? and why would they put it on envelopes?!?!?! stick me in a box and mail me to lake michigan...with no return address. please

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Persnickety Ticker said...

Man...never a boring morning around your folks, is there? I can only assume they held you hostage all day and that was why you were so obviously missing from my day...either that or you are comletely pissed off at me for some faux pas that I have completely imagined and that is why you aren't answering my emails or phone calls.

That's ok least the voices in my head still love me...oh yeah...and my flying monkeys...they love me, too.

*I think the dust bunnies are plotting a hostile takeover though.*