Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A muppet with a purple crayon!

ok...kickstand....a device used to prop or rest on....for example, a bike can rest it's "spinning wheels" and lean on the "kickstand". I often like to rest my spinning wheels, and wish Icould just whip that proverbial "kickstand" out like a third leg and just lean.... just, stop, whip it out and , pause....for effect. maybe even pose, like a model.

Oh doctor!... or as my groupie calls it, docker. (yes, I have been told I have a "groupie". Ido hope to put her in charge of my fan club when she's old enough to write)I love her ideas on how to fix things....her mother tells me she thinks anything can be fixed with sprinkles or a cookie... I used to think that way, so she's a groupie after my own heart. and hey, if I can get a cookie...with sprinkles!...that's better than a "docker bill" any day. But as I was saying, my doctor, is a really down-to-earth guy. some may call him a quack, but I personally have no complaints. my groupie's mother thinks his diploma was signed in purple crayon...but even she HAS to admit...I've gotten soooo much better lately....hell, I'm not even psycho anymore. (actually...I never really was, the meds made me do it. I swear)

he's given me all kinds of advice and ways I can basically turn my life around and not have to be on all the mind altering (brain stopping)medication I was previously on and live a better, healthier life...which seems better than the path I was on. some of his ideas are really out there, leading some people to ask if he's a Muppet or something...haha. nooooooo, he's just educated in other ( or natural) treatments and not so crazy to jump on the "mass diagnoses train" like so many other doctors have been. which is a breath of fresh air to me. is anyone else SICK of being SICK? hello? I mean, think about it, if some of those doctors actually did something to heal us before they broke our banks, then, technically, they'd run out of patients. but if they let us continue to stay a little sick, then we have to keep coming back to them....right? its all a conspira-tree i tell ya. between the docs that all have to specialize in one little thing here or there and no one knowing a LOT about everything all together as a whole, and the drug companies with their synthetic "miracle cures" (that have side effects leading you to need another miracle to fix...and so on....)you get my point? its like a forest of redwoods out there, I'm no taller than a shroom myself, and I ain't a fan of the bugs either.

so, we were talking last night and she said I ought to start a blog and use it as my "Virtual kickstand" especially since I ramble in my head all night anyway, so I figured, WTF, why not. so here I am, leaning against my kickstand and talking about the Muppet with the doctors degree signed in purple crayon who , incidentally, has made a huge difference in my life, long live the little guy! (besides, I always hear "laughter is the best medicine, and the Muppets always made me laugh)

Just a thought...if "ain't" isn't a word, why is it in the spell check?

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Persnickety Ticker said...

I am surrounded by conspira-trees!!! Actually, they are growing in my back yard. Rampantly. Seriously. I'm not crazy. What?!?
If you are a shroom, can you make it to my house by "tea time"?