Sunday, September 20, 2009

nuff said

Smurfs made me do it!!!!

My friend Persnickity and I had a convo the other night about her strength and the simple idea she had not yet taken a baseball bat to FCB's (fat cranky bastard) head. Kinda like the comedien Gallager with his sledge-o-matic to a watermellon. Wether its those silly morals or the lack of ownership of a bat is to be determined later. anyhoo, I told her i could see the headlines "Woman arrested for domestic battery, claimes God made her do it". She said, nah, I'd tell em Papa Smurf made me do it. This of course caused me to errupt in laughter to the point of drooling because in my head I pictured a cartoon version of her decked out in blue latex (like a member of the BlueMan group) and a smurf hat, dancing around FCB's body and singing the smurfs theme song. Laa la la la la la, Laaa la laaa la laaaa.....
Being that this mental picture occured just before a night time nap, my brain responded with subconscioius thoughts of surfs. In the dream, I had to philosiphy the whole village senario, like, was all the different personalities of smufs combinable to make up the whole of a person? like papa being our wisdom and smurfette being our feminine side etc... As the dream went on there was many different oppinions formed about the whole smurfy situation, but the picture that remains in my head the most at this point is was the whole village gay? They were all males except smurfette... was she a dominatrix of sorts? I can actually see smurfette dressed in a black leather cat-woman suit, cracking a whip at Heafty smurf screaming, "SAY MY NAME, YOU BLUE BITCH! SAY MY NAME!!!!!!!

no wonder I dont sleep much.....

song: smurf theme song