Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tonight in class....

yes, we are FINALLY studying TCM... aka traditional Chinese medicine. I have been looking forward to this ever since i started school. so, tonight we had a guest speaker who is an acupuncture physician. she was awesome. we saw demos of cupping... where they slather you in oil and then light a fire under a glass jar then quickly stick it to your skin.... ultimately causing little hicky like circulars all over your body... like getting into a fight with a sex driven vacuum cleaner hose. (not that i know first hand what that like or anything) ahem, but the goal of that is similar to a deep tissue massage. then we all got treated to poking action with little needles. absolutely painless, but each and every one of had a seperate type of treatment and yet all ended up looking similar to horror movie star boy up top there. its was cool though.
i even feel like i can breathe a little better after having my swollen internally bruised ribs poked. at one time i had over 70 needles in my back. the ones that she put on my face and head felt a little odd... but still no pain. rethinking this years Halloween costume now... hmmm get a acupuncture treatment AND candy at the same time.... genious!