Thursday, May 8, 2008

A shroom for tea or a clean carpet....?

hmmmmmm...uhhhhm, gee, which shall I pick?... yea, no brainer! I'd love some tea time! however, no sooner than I finished my moral obligatory chores for the wonderful life sustaining couple that currently give me food, shelter, and clothing, I was rewarded with a trip down memory lane checking many,many,many OLD photos on several CD-RW's to see if the savvy couple had managed to save something... never found it... and then I got to play AC repair tech and got to inform them that the AC on the porch is probably a fewww *years* past due for some freon?? (might be helpful)and now I find out...(trumpets and fanfare...) tomorrow is (daaa, da da da) carpet shampooin day. *sigh* I-am-so-excited... I-just-can't-hide-it. I'm about to lose control and...ok- I'll stop.

anyway...don't know how long the "you-must-sit-here-smiling-while-I-instruct-you" class will be tomorrow, and then how long it will take for the 15+yr old fibers to dry... but should I manage to somehow escape this air-tight bubble, to put fuel in my vehicle and squeegee the dead luv-bug carcasses off the front "before the paint dissolves", I might just skimmy to another side of town for tea. SO, put the water to a boil, make sure your phone works and get all cleaning supplies and chemicals outta my sight...and reach...

anyone know how to the bleach smell outta nose-hairs? (no, the coffee sniff test didn't work)

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