Friday, May 23, 2008

Ugh...don't tell me THAT dad!!!.....

ok, so in continuing the spirit of rendering aid to my dad was told by his doctor yesterday, to start taking vitamin B, since he didnt score too well on his glucose test. (he wasnt positive for diabetes though) So, this morning while i was cracking my eyelids open after 3 hrs of sleep and trying to get ready to go up to the came in and asked where my vitamin B was. i thought nothing of it and handed the bottle to her. In the kitchen dads studying the bottle with a magnifying glass and says..."she said B12...not complex" I said ok and took the bottle back and then began listening to a war over "its the same thing/ no it's not" between the couple. then dad looks to me and pleads for the "tie breaker" answer that will prove him right... I answered that the complex had both B6 and B12 in it. Mom says , Oh. and looks at me like i am an evil child out to destroy her. then with that look... she glared at dad and told him to go out and buy the one he needed. so he did.
when I got home from the school, dad came in shortly after and began studying his new bottle of B12, with the magnifying glass. He the asked for help as he couldn't see what he was looking for which were instructions.
I read them to him, instructing to take one tablet a day with a meal. then he said, well, i guess i will take it at dinner.
Mom said you know they will wind you up and give you energy...he said, so? i said you do want to sleep at night dont you...then he said , Why?
ok....point being, from there it was insinuated...that he wouldnt mind a little extra energy at night as he grinned and winked at mom! OMG! is there no end?!?!?
mom hid them in the pantry.

dad found them and took one after dinner.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

First of all...that image of your parents getting jiggy was not something I needed right before I plan on going to sleep...second of all...I had to reread it cause at first I thought you said your parents were getting busy in the pantry...

I just need sleep. Dreamless, non-parent-old people-screwing-bad mental image-sleep.