Saturday, January 10, 2009

universal precautions necessary

sometimes, you can put too much thought into something, and it can really take hold of your mind. this can turn out disastrous, or extremely funny depending on the state of your mind at the time you are inserting such said extra thought.
for instance... in mentioning to someone that i had been in contact via text messages with a common acquaintance we both shared, she asked, did you wash your hands after that one???? now... it took a second, but when it occurred to me the path she was taking this convo down.... my mind being the odd labyrinth it is... took off circles. now granted, the acquaintance and myself did no such thing as textual intercourse, so im really in no danger of any textually transmitted diseases, however i guess a little text-itis might be in order, but a little rest will take care of that.... its the text-ydia and text-orreah that needs the text-icillian treatments and probably months of therapy.... but like i said... im in no danger. besides.... dont they make pro-text-ion for that kinda thing... people just need to be safe.... its a dangerous world out there now a days.

song: text me


Stephanie said...

Wow, that was really good. Thank you for the laugh!

Persnickety Ticker said...

Yes, this typed up very well. See? Other people besides me read you.

Personally though, I think we need to have an intervention about your LOLcat addiction. It's out of hand. You are going to end up overdosing on cuteness. Especially since you keep managing to find relevant cuteness anytime you want. Really. Something's gotta give.

Anonymous said...

callin and txtin havnt worked all day maybe replying to this will. ur my world my everything my forever my beyond. i will love u untill the end of time even on days when i don't have enough time to tell u that.
miss u more than words love u more than life!
moose's monkey biznez