Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pyro mania has begun....

Tis the season for bon fires and beer pong....cuz its cold outside and some people have nothing better to do than to set things on fire,drink heavily and break the "ye old fashioned traditions" of basic camp fire history. I stayed with a friend last night... there was supposed to be at least 5 if not more people all together hanging out and building a fire and just having a good ol time, however she an I ended up being the only two there, unless you count those that were there through the spirit form of text messages. we still managed to have a good time though. Floridas weather is typically known as the warm, humid and whatever.... lost my thought there.... anyway, last night was cold. the ground was wet, and thus, so was everything on the burn pile. however that isnt anything a tank of gas cant fix. we had almost given up completely on getting the fire started with our dinkey little lighters, trying to get a wet christmas tree a blaze. we were going to just go play pool instead. but the call of the burnt marshmallows drove us to keep trying.we found the gas can... me being the less clumsey of the two of us, offered to get that pile on fire while she went and got the nachos ready. thats right, i said nachos. we dont do weenies on a stick at our bonfires...we do nachos... and an occasional marshmallow or two. the burn pile wasnt all that big, just a few boxes, some small scraps of wood and the christmas tree wrapped in plastic... so i doused it... lit the end of some notebook paper... tossed that in and BOOYAH! nice warm big flame! we pulled the car up and started some tunes... talked sweetly to the cows, (which we didnt tip...even though that was discussed) enjoyed a few drinks... and our nachos! after feverishly attempting to continue feeding the fire with gas for a little over an hour we decided to let it go out and give up for the night. so we joked about being firemen... finding em hot, and leaving em wet... ahem. cough. then headed in for the night to watch tv and eventually pass out in the middle of text messaging our spirit buddies. thankfully the only mishap of the night was accidentally catching the gas can on fire... luckily there was no boom, and she managed to catch the toe of her boot on fire... im still not so sure how... but no animals or humans were injured in the making of our fire. it may not have actually been snowing... but with the ashes floating back down to earth... it was nice to pretend. all in all we had a good time and probably will do it time we will add more wood though.

song: the roof is on fire

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you really should keep writing love be it here or in a journal, you are a talented and beautiful writer. i miss reading your stuff.
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