Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 2009

I went out with my best friend last night, we were both DD's. She was the designated driver, I was the designated Drunk.... had a pretty good time too, unlike the last couple of times that Ive allowed myself to really enjoy the sauce, and lost touch a little bit with reality, I held everything together all night and was a silly, happy, lil, intoxicated moose. now, obviously, that isn't the purpose of this blog, cuz if it were,'s just boring. ok, so you had fun, whoopie... blah blah blah, what? no drama?!?!? yeah, if you know me at all you knowwww, I cant go 5 feet without being surrounded by it. if Im not, then something is wrong. My baby's momma seems to think that drama follows me around like a lost little puppy dog waiting to be fed or pet or adopted.... good thing I prefer cats..... the two of us escaped the confining teeth guarding our residences for the evening, for her... Fat Cranky Bastard, for me... MOM. so we ran like rain in monsoon season to the a little bar, that I have yet to go into... but it didnt look so inviting. Plus the barrage of gunfire outside echoing from both sides of the neighborhood just clued us in that it might be safer to bring in the new year at our usual watering hole... so, down the road we went again.... running so fast fred flintstone would have thought he was driving a hemi.... I ran into several acquaintances, made new friends, watched an o.k. drag show, sang in the piano bar, even ran into a teacher from high school that I hadnt seen in 15 years. As we were winding down the party and getting ready for a pilgrimage to the flaming anus restaurant that we are brave enough to dine at on intoxicating nights, someone I usually tend to avoid because he just creeps me out decided to share something with me.
Now, he's drunk, and I usually dont believe ANYTHING he utters... but I found (in my dizzy state) his comment shocking, yet possibly not far from reality. i'll get back to the details in a min. we left the bar and were headed to the mess hall, and I received a call from someone, but didnt know who, however, this individual didnt know they called me... see, they wuz drunker than I. but she left a voice mail, which, me being silly, I listened to the whole thing like a fly on the wall and tried to explain to my friend what was going on...(prolly not so well though.) and after that, she brought my woozy memory to the forehead saying, hey... why dont you call "stalker kitteh" (old friend) and let her know or inquire as to relevance of "drunk dudes" comment...
so...I did. well, actually I text her first. then she called me in shock about what I had heard. it seems, her ex had visited drunk dude one night and had a fling that resulted in pregnancy. but the story she had from the ex, was that it had resulted as of a not so good night out of state while they were split up.
so what I was understanding her is that "stalker kitteh" knew the ex was prego....but just found out it was by an adulterous act that occured before they were ex's... and not in another state against her will.
well.... after blowing her new years to smitherines.... and randomly since we hadnt really spoken in a while, she says shes going to call her best friend and get back to me.
and this afternoon I began to wonder what had happened with said situation.... so I tried calling her back. Her phone is shut off. disconnected. so I called a mutual friend of ours to inquire about her situation. this friend now informs me that.... get this.... "prego" was not "stalker kitteh's" ex, they were still currently together.
all i can say it ut-oh.
this just went from bad to worse...
ok... and speaking of said situation, i just recieved another call from "stalker kitteh" and it seems that yes, her and "prego" are.... ex's after all.... so....
anyway... this drama cud go on for hours... but im going to go out of this blog saying.... dont do drunk calls. it just aint safe.
happy new year...
and im going to the bar for another drink.
goodnight all!

song: you only call me when youre drunk


Persnickety Ticker said...

This was actually one of the best times I have ever had.

In case you didn't know.

ittyK said...

haha that phone in the picture is exactly like mine.... I was wondering who ran my bill up with 2 am calls :)