Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my cat was watching what??!

Greetings from the ol' folks home... I actually ventured out today and had conversation with someone my own age... it was a bit of culture shock but thoroughly enjoyed. Although, while I was out, my mother and father apparently had a day. The highlight of it seemed to be the failure of dad attempting to make dinner, since the bad child that I am, wasn't home on time. (I was stuck in a storm, in 5 o'clock traffic, behind three different accidents....) Dad apparently decided to warm something that was far past edible for the two of them to eat. He was lucky enough however , not to burn his fingers.
So, for the remainder of this evening mom has been filling me on on grocery shopping at the base 101 for tomorrows field trip. It ought to be fun to watch me an dad bumble our way though that tomorrow. I've also gotten filled in on every conversation and miscommunication that the two of them had while I was gone. ooooooo joyous. gotta love my folks though, they find the oddest things to quarl about. Today it was mom wanting to make it into the kitchen for a bite to eat. She wasn't going to be in there for long, but the usual routine is get up, shut off the soap opera in the living room and turn it on in the kitchen. mom has had a bit of a difficult time getting around the last couple days, but bless dad's heart, god forbid the routine is changed. She managed to get into the kitchen and get out what she needed for lunch when dad starts to holler to her asking why she left the t.v. on. Her answer was so humerous, it's no wonder dad wasn't sure of what he heard (aside from the obvious point that he's going deaf) dad was so puzzled this apparently got to be a heated discussion before it was over. Now, for all who know me, they know my mother claims to hate cats. She only tolerates the one living here because mystie's mine and she's 14 years old. other than that, we are not supposed to acknowledge that mom talks often to my cat, pets her, and makes sure she is comfortable and safe. Everyday mom fills me in on something I might have missed about mystie's day.
Now, the reason mom didn't turn off the t.v. , she felt it would be rude as she was only going to be in the kitchen for a couple minutes and mystie was contently watching "days of our lives."

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Persnickety Ticker said...

i iz watchin that gud show. don't touch that dial.