Wednesday, June 4, 2008

late night snacks are bad- mmkay?

Last night I fell asleep with Ally Sheedy, we lived out bits an pieces of our life similar to the movie High Art, but eventually she left me for her current husband, Lansbury. So I went on and married Johnny Depp. When she decided to divorce now said soon to be ex husband and came back to me she couldn't quite get the message to me since Johnny and I were on some cruise, singing Disney Broadway show tunes and hunting for some elusive black gem stone. I really need to quit eating the pickles, pizza and ice cream after midnight.

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Persnickety Ticker said...

WTF? Pizza, pickles and ice cream? Are you pregnant?

Meanwhile, I am reporting your ass to the FDA as an addictive substance. If I have to listen to "is Moose here,yet? Where is he? I wanna go to the zoo with Moose!" one more time I am going to drown myself in my glass of SWEET iced tea. For the love of all that is sanity, call the kid, get here toot-sweet, or at least fart in an envelope and mail it to her...she is driving me BATTY!