Monday, March 30, 2009


Finally!!!! the ceremony is in may... but the classes are OVER for now. I made it through, I passed my National Board exam, and all I have to do for now is wait on my licence so I can work. well... theres that and the whole "what are you going to do with your future" question mom and dad keep asking. Dad wants me to continue with school. ok... i have no problem with that, im in debt up past my eyeballs with student loans that i will be paying until i retire anyway, so, whats another several thousand added on at this point anyway, right? plus, i have been wanting to check a bit more into that whole acupuncture/hellraiser kinda modality anyway and there are some good schools out a plan.

song: time of your life, green day

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Now to celebrate...I'm going to Disney World. :P